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Inspiration for curvy women with large-size clothing.

The downside of having a webshop is that I do not meet you and can not guide you. Then on the online magazine I write between articles about time trends and fashion for plussize - that is, for women with baskets who use clothing in large sizes.

It's a good inspiration for MIX & MATCH - most often where I mix products from different brands and price groups, so you can create your very own style.

Below you can therefore get some inspiration to combine clothes from different brands, challenge and maybe do something that is a little different than usual - just remember the most important thing - that when you walk out the door to be with others, then it's about feeling comfortable so you come home again with good energy and a wonderful experience.

CLICK on the titles below to see the full article on - under the titles you will find excerpts from the articles.


MIX & MATCH spring 2015

SWEATSHIPPING sportswear in large sizes

Below you can see some of the pictures from the article SPOT ON YPPIG.



At I have written an entire article about plussize fashion here in the spring and would you like to read the entire article so hurry over it.

The jeans style is very important in the spring / summer 2015 season

No matter what size we have and regardless of the type of activity we grow, it's now best to have functional sportswear.

Dots and stripes ... uhm ... I think it's one of the best combinations to combine. And do not be afraid of the horizontal stripes, it's an old scream. And if you're still scared of them, use a long chain or a scarf to break it horizontally and instead a vertical line.

Party clothes and socks can also be found in large sizes so there is no excuse for not dressing for the occasion and giving it gas. Just remember to wear the clothes for everyday life as well. For example, put sneakers and a denim jacket for the striped dress and you suddenly have a very smart everyday set.

And give that gas the colors you can too. Use blonde gamacher from FESTIVAL or goddess trusses if you are not happy to have bare legs

Jeans and denim at all, get a lot of attention for this season. In the store I have many different kinds and try to have a tender that can cover any taste and fit.
Should it happen that none of our inventory matches your curves, then we can actually help most anyway. Because we have a partnership with MYSTAR DENIM, to get custom and made jeans according to your goals.
Then contact me finally if you would like to know more about this option. Even though there are sewing trousers specially for you, you can still return the trousers and get your money back. It's almost too good ....

There are plenty of options for being dressed in the more casual and laid back college style.